Using Margin and Leverage to maximize your profits

There are several unique features in the forex market that attract investors,and margin trading is one of them.Buying or selling on margin means simply that the trader is getting "borrowed" money from is broker,in order to be able to buy more currency than would be possible only with their own resources.

The loan (leverage) in the margined account is collateralized by the initial margin (deposit).If the transaction value (position) drops enough, the broker will ask that more money is deposited,or a portion of your position is sold or even closed.

5 Forex Trading Tricks

The truth abоut Forex trading iѕ that somе people make a lot of money whilе ѕomе аre unfortunate. If уou wаnt tо bе among the winners, thеre arе fіvе tricks уou muѕt knоw іn order to make а reasonable gain іn thіѕ business.


A TIE-UP between the owners of Britain’s biggest mobile phone network could signal cheaper deals for millions of customers.

France Telecom, which owns Orange and Deutsche Telekom, the firm behind T-Mobile, hope to save more than £1billion a year by combining their buying power.

The firms will shop together for £10bn of kit, including handsets, IT systems and network equipment.

Bosses said some of the savings could feed through to lower bills and cheaper deals for smart-phones such as Blackberrys or iPhones.


Betting shops and casinos operator Ladbrokes (LAD) announced on Friday that all bets were off when it came to a potential merger with online gaming company 888 Holdings (888).

The firms began discussions last December when it was thought that a price of 70p for each 888 share was being discussed, valuing the business at about £240 million.

The news that discussions had ended accompanied a first-quarter trading update from Ladbrokes in which business showed a marked pick up towards the end of the reporting period.


British military equipment maker Chemring (CHG.L) is to spend $90 million buying a business that supplies the U.S. military with devices for detecting chemical and biological threats.

Chemring said in a statement on Wednesday that it had agreed to buy the Detection Systems operations and other related assets from General Dynamics Corporation (GD.N) in a cash deal that will be funded through the issue of new shares.