Golden Forex History Pages

This redistribution of the financial impact was consecrated in 1944, the leaders of the U.S., Britain and France, was the signing of Brett-Vudsskogo contract, the main provision which provide U.S. dollar as a reserve currency for all the developed capitalist countries. History of Forex got some braking currencies of many countries have become firmly attached to the U.S. dollar (formed only a small corridor for rates), while the dollar was pegged to gold at the rate of $35 per ounce of gold.

Modern history begins with Forex 70s of the 20th century, major innovation (radically change the whole nature of the world of currency trading), was the introduction of independent currency. This greatly legalized the Forex market, and now anyone can freely buy and sell currencies of any country. A particular currency value itself was released to float freely and now only the demand for it, it can affect the relative cost.

Forex History has an important page, written in 1973 by the leaders of the 20 largest countries, where they were set out all the basic principles of modern monetary system. But, nevertheless, the official history of Forex (can you say his date of birth) begins on January 8. 1976, when it was officially announced the beginning of modern currency trading and the Forex market started modern.

From this point the history of Forex contains only positive things, introduction of modern technology, increasing trade volume, rapidly increasing the number of participants of currency trading.

As with everything happening in the world of Forex history is written by ordinary people. Nowadays there are no obstacles for anyone to become a creator of Forex recent history, it is only necessary to create a decent DC and join the ranks of successful Forex traders.