GDP Forecasting

With the help of economic indicators that are published monthly, quarterly GDP forecast will be refined until the near future there will be a fairly consensus forecast made between top analysts forecast that we can access through the portals mentioned above and without this do not have to do our own research. Check the publication of GDP, forecast deviates eventually the market will move with greater volatility greater deviation from the forecast. By contrast, if finally GDP is almost equal to the number predicted traders and investors can relax and expect the trend to continue at least prior medium term.

The typical traders take place in one direction at the beginning of trading day and end the day closing operation with either loss or profit. They tend to make few transactions a day compared to other traders.

For its part, the position traders kept their operations for several weeks, months or even years. These traders are often trained in fundamental analysis and are the main source of market analysis to make decisions.

There are some successful trading tips, must be considered:

• Discipline: We need to know, according to our trading system, when buying, selling, closing operations or when running out operate based on our strategy we have planned before facing the market.
• Have realistic expectations: The expectations we have of our business as traders have to be realistic. Suppose professional traders and fund managers achieve a 10-15% annual return, maybe 20-25%. So if we can get 20% per year, consistent year after year, we will be making a profit better than most large professional investment funds internationally, and this is saying something. So be realistic, but you can always keep thinking about a miracle, it is not entirely impossible in forex, you convert thousand dollars in one million in 10 operations.